The goal of Wolf-tec is to remain the world's most dynamic and innovative solutions company, creating and offering our customers leading technologies, equipment and expertise. Our purpose is to provide better, safer and more cost effective manufacturing methods for meat, poultry, and seafood processors.


Wolf-tec's developments shall remain science-based and technology driven allowing us to remain leaders and meet our vision for the future.

Wolf-tec Solutions

Polar Massager

The Massager Revolution. Unique by design and technology, the Polar Massager has altered the fundamental methods of curing and marination, providing superior results/benefits never before seen when operating with traditional tumblers, mixers or blenders.



Reduce your operating and material costs while improving product quality and process control. Depend on the Polars technological advantages to maximize cost effectiveness. The Patented advancements are key to providing the required cost savings and achieving product quality like never before...

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Polar Dissolver

Polar Dissolver Brine, Pickle, Marinade Mixing and Chilling



No matter what type of functional ingredient and flavor solution you may be adding to your products, you are dependent on choosing a system that gives you the best possible process control. Without properly dissolved and sheared ingredients, correctly sequenced order of ingredient addition, and temperature control, your end product can be plagued with problems such as purge, flavor, texture, appearance, and shelf-life problems, whether it is injected, massaged, or tumbled...


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IMAX Injection and Marination

The Imax Injector evolution. Introducing the IMAX Generation II needle injectors. Find out what makes the new series even more powerful and versatile offering a new level of performance, flexibility, and hygienic standards for our industry. Your requirements are changing fast, Wolf-tec and Schröder have been instrumental in raising the bar...


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