Polar Flex Carve - intelligent maceration

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Introducing the Polar Flex Carve – The latest in intelligent maceration

The Polar Flex Carve is an all new macerator with real intelligence built in.

The new Polar Flex Carve is equipped with two pairs of independently controlled knife rollers. Each roller can be operated independent of each other and can be set to provide single or double maceration.

There is no other macerator equipped to provide the ultimate in control and flexibility to suit all product challenges.

The unit will set new standards in food safety with a hygienic design that allows the unit to be washed both inside and out. All critical components are housed in Nema 4X enclosures, gearboxes and motors are all stainless steel.

A touch panel operator interface allows maceration programs to be stored for easy recall of all machine settings. The unit is also able to communicate via Polar link with any IMAX Injector assuring the proper settings all the time with all muscle types.


  • Single or Double Maceration
  • Multiple surface treatment options
  • Adjustable settings with PLC control
  • Polar link compatible
  • No compromise hygienic design
  • Adapts to any application or injector
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of operation


Schröder Macerators meat and poultry


The Schröder M500 gives you the edge to out-perform your competition.

Wolf-tec delivers the most hygienic, rugged and highest performing solutions with the Schröder M500 macerator. This new development has quickly gained industry acclaim for being the leader in consistent product cut quality, controlled blade depth and superior cleaning capabilities. Blades and spacers are precision ground, thereby providing unmatched adjustment tolerances. The M-Series system operates with direct drive motors and is available with an automatic blade adjustment which can be linked to the injector recipe control. Several layout configurations are possible including custom in-feed and exit conveyors (as shown) or direct vertical drop into vacuum transfer bins or existing conveyor lines.


General Advantages:

  • Induce superior conditions for improved absorption and dispersion of pickle after injection and during the massaging process.
  • Maximize myosin protein availability for improved water binding characteristics, reducing cook-out, and improving product yields.
  • Dramatically reduces normal tumbler process times creating a heat stable water/protein system sooner.
  • Breakdown and soften the connective tissue system of whole muscle products.
  • Helps avoid holes in product due to contraction of connective tissue.
  • A more relaxed muscle structure making massaging, tumbling, stuffing, and molding easier.
  • Equilibrates conditions of raw materials when working with different muscle groups on the same products.

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